Brenda’s Vac Shop sells a comprehensive line of new quality vacuums from the following companies:
Miele™ • Sebo™ • Panasonic™ • Sanitaire™ • ProTeam™
Check out some videos of the smooth handling of Miele brand vacuums here and here!

We also rebuild and sell vacuums from brands such as:
Electrolux™ • Rainbow™.

Our comprehensive inventory of cleaning accessories includes competitively priced belts, bags, hoses, carpet cleaners, fresheners, and shampoos.  We also offer the Miele Cleaning Essentials line of household cleaners.

While we love to have you visit our stores, we can ship any product purchased by credit card.  There is an additional $10 charge plus shipping costs for any item you need sent to you.

Allergy/Asthma Relief
If you are like many allergy and asthma sufferers, you are very sensitive to dust, especially dust mite allergens.  Brenda’s Vac Shop can help you.  We offer vacuums designed to manage dust mite allergens, like Miele™ and Sebo™.  These brands offer filters or sealed systems on an array of machines that meet HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) specifications.

We also carry brands with HEPA-type filters (such as Panasonic™, and Sanitaire™), which don’t meet the stringent HEPA specs, but provide a much cleaner air environment than standard filtration systems.